A bit about me

I am a multi-award winning writer/director from the West Midlands with my films being distributed worldwide. Working with some of the worlds top fight choreographers and stunt performers, I've steadily gained notable success amongst the film industry. 

I am of the opinion that we have this incredible opportunity to utilise the attention of the everyday screen junkie to teach, educate, surprise, shock, entertain, wow, impress, depress, express, oppress (if you're so inclined). 

Fluid, adaptable, innovative - I'd say that perfectly describes my style. I thrive in the unknown, and approach all of my work with a sophistication that allows me to focus on the core nature of an idea whilst applying new visual approaches. Understanding people, figuring out what makes them tick and telling the stories that deserve to be told.

I aim to become one of the leading directors of my generation.


I look forward to hearing from you!

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